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Beauty Blogger | ​Lash & Makeup Artist | Brow Stylist | Do-Gooder | Vegan | Mum to Arya

Milla has over 27 years of experience within the hair & beauty industry and has worked internationally most of those years in London, UK. Known for her exceptional brow shaping & transformation skills and her flawless, natural makeup, Milla is a highly sought after artist.

Milla is all about natural beauty. Her expertise lies in finding the perfect brow shape. She has developed a very unique and holistic approach to brow shaping, focusing on how to re-balance the face by working with the bone structure to create beautiful, custom brows.

With a tailored, bespoke approach, her clients always get individual advice and attention.

She has always been at the forefront of trends. Her unmatched brow artistry skills, uncompromising ethical beliefs and with her unique technique perfected over the last 27 years, she always leaves her clients feeling beautiful and empowered.

Milla lived in the UK & Europe for several years and working for top department stores like Harvey Nichols, Harrods, and major cosmetic houses as an artist, as a brand manager, and in product development.

15 years ago, she launched one of the world’s first vegan, cruelty-free, carbon-neutral, and fair trade skincare ranges in the UK in the luxury category, that Milla formulated, designed, and developed, often voted in the BEST OF categories internationally.

Milla is the founder of many beauty bar concepts, a training institute, and a product ranges.






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